Shopify Tech Stack of Top 100 German D2C Brands | An industry report by D2CVille & Fabrikatör

See top Shopify apps used by German D2Cs!

Hey there, great people of the D2C community who are building fantastic things! This is your host Berkay writing. 

You know we normally send these newsletters every Wednesday to share 5-minute D2C news with you, but today we are very excited as we finally released our report about the German Shopify app market where we discovered the top German D2Cs and Shopify apps they use the most. 🇩🇪 

💡 It's quite relevant for D2Cs, agencies, and tool vendors planning to penetrate this market.

Here are some of the highlights:

1️⃣ With 24 brands, Berlin is also the capital of D2C industry in Germany

2️⃣ Only 40% of top German brands use Shopify Plus

3️⃣ On average, each brand installed 9.56 apps on Shopify App Store

4️⃣ Klaviyo, not surprisingly, is the top app in the German market, followed by Klarna, MailChimp, and Awin.

What do you think about the top apps listed? What surprised you the most?
How do you think the results compare to your local markets?

Here is the full version of the report! Check it out and let us know what you think!

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