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💵 Price is still the top consideration

The PYMNTS Intelligence research, in collaboration with Adobe, highlights that affordability is a primary factor influencing online shoppers to purchase from eCommerce marketplaces rather than directly from brands or retailers.

This fact is based on a survey of over 3,500 U.S. consumers.

Key findings show that 18% of respondents who made most of their online purchases via marketplaces in the past month did so because of better pricing.

This preference for better prices is more significant than other factors like product selection or free shipping.

Amazon and Walmart are notable examples where this trend is evident. Amazon's promotional events, like Prime Day, offer substantial savings and have led to massive sales volumes. Similarly, Walmart reported a 20% increase in marketplace sellers, attributing its growth to the synergy between its marketplace, commissions, fulfillment services, and other business areas. This indicates that both companies successfully capitalize on consumer demand for better prices, thereby boosting their marketplace operations.

Ecom customers:

🎾 Serena Williams’ new D2C brands: WYN BEAUTY

Serena Williams has launched WYN BEAUTY, a makeup brand featuring clean, high-performance products designed for active lifestyles. The brand offers 91 shades across various products for face, lips, and eyes, emphasizing inclusive beauty.

WYN BEAUTY blends functionality with style, suitable for all-day wear from morning to evening. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, and available exclusively at Ulta Beauty stores and online. This venture is in partnership with the Good Glamm Group, enhancing the brand's reach and inclusivity.

"I'm so excited to introduce WYN BEAUTY to the world," says Serena Williams. "To me, beauty has always been about self-expression and stepping into the best version of myself. Throughout my career, I was always searching for makeup that looked good after hours on the court, mixing products myself and creating my own formulas while traveling the world. As I evolved and remained active both on and off the court, I needed products I could apply at 7am before a full day of meetings, spending time with my kids, making time for the things I love and still look good at the end of the day. I needed makeup that could truly move with me. That's the intention behind WYN BEAUTY – for people to live in it every single day of their lives and enhance the beauty they already have."

So another celebrity starting their own D2C brand. Will it be successful?

💳️ Digital gift cards are expected to double in value by 2028

Gift cards have evolved significantly with the rise of digital technology. They now offer a convenient, secure, and efficient way to make payments and send gifts, enhancing customer engagement and driving e-commerce sales.

Digital gift cards have revolutionized the retail landscape by providing a range of benefits to both consumers and retailers. For consumers, they offer a way to manage spending, enhance security during online transactions, and avoid unwanted subscription costs.

For retailers, they are a powerful tool to drive loyalty, increase repeat business, and facilitate corporate gifting with customizable and easily distributable options.

The estimates say the digital gift card market has grown substantially, with a reported annual value of over $415 billion and projections to reach nearly $932 billion by 2028. (Source)

This growth is fueled by technological innovations such as integration with mobile wallets, advanced data analytics, and improved security features, which make digital gift cards increasingly attractive for both personal use and corporate incentives. The future of digital gift cards looks promising, with ongoing innovations expected to further enhance their utility and popularity.

The projected growth is huge!

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